【After the COVID-19 global disaster, Taiwan leads the world in holding a national swimming competition from June 10-15,2020】

The rise in the number of COVID-19 cases all over the world has not abated, with some countries reporting far greater numbers than others. However, despite its close geographical proximity to China, Taiwan has one of the lowest infection rates around the globe.

With just 440 covid-19 cases and seven deaths, Taiwan looks to have conquered the coronavirus. Its 24 million residents have not faced a lockdown; schools, shops and offices have remained open, and the capital's sidewalks, subways and shopping areas are bustling.

As of June 7, Taiwan has had no local cases for 56 consecutive days. Taiwan will also host a national age-specific swimming competition on June 10. It will also be the first country in the world to re-organize a national swimming competition under the threat of COVID-19.


The swimming competition venue is Taichung North District Civil Sports Center.


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